Sunless FAQ's

What type of spray tan solution is used?

At GLO we exclusively use NORVELL products only. NORVELL offers the industries leading sunless solutions and products.

Are there any risks with spray tanning?

This is the safer way to tan over UV tanning and is FDA approved. The FDA offers recommendations such as use of nose filters, lip balm, and wear protective undergarments. NORVELL solutions are allergen free, paraben free, and organic, however if you are concerned for your skins sensitivity you may ask for a patch test prior to your appointment.

Can I spray tan if I am pregnant?

The active ingredient, DHA, is FDA approved and considered safe. NORVELL solutions are organic and only penetrate the outermost layer of the skin. There is no evidence that shows that spray tanning is harmful. However, for your peace of mind we recommend you consult with your physician prior to your appointment.

Why choose sunless tanning over UV Tanning?

Need only one session to be several shades darker. A sunless tan provides an even tan without tan lines and the exact color you want. You will get the benefits of a sun-kissed tan without the harmful effects of traditional tanning i.e. skin cancer, early skin aging, etc…

How do sunless tanners work?

Sunless sprays color the skin without UV exposure. The main ingredient, DHA, is sugar based and chemically reacts with the Keratin in the outermost layer of the skin resulting in a darkening effect, mimicking a similar reaction as sun exposure but without the harmful effects.

Will my skin turn orange?

Not with proper preparation and after care. Clients receive a consultation on the day of appointment; follow the recommendation of the spray technician for your color as choosing a color too dark on fair skin may not give the bronze color you are looking for.

How do I prepare my skin for my sunless tan appointment?

It is important to gently exfoliate with a salt scrub and shave/wax unwanted hair 24 hours prior to your tan appointment. Shower the day of your appointment, avoid bar soaps as they leave film, do not apply any moisturizers, oil-based products, deodorant, perfumes, remove make-up and jewelry on the day of your appointment.

How do I choose the right color for my skin tone/type?

Your certified spray technician will recommend a bronze tone based on your skin type. Colors can be customized for individual clients. Choosing a color too dark will not look natural or fade naturally, our goal is to provide a healthy natural glow.

What do I wear to my tanning appointment?

Wear dark, loose fitting clothing, hair tie, lip balm, and flip flops. During session you may wear a bathing suit, underwear or thong, however you are comfortable. Avoid wearing a bra, socks, or any restrictive clothing after your spray session.

How long will my tanning session last?

Approximately 15-20 minutes including consultation, spray application, and 5-8 minutes of drying time.

How long do I wait before I can shower?

After your tanning session do not plan activities that may cause you to sweat, no showers or swimming for at least 8 hours after your tan. Wait 24 hours for optimal results. Your shower should be just a warm water rinse only. After shower, generously apply moisturizer. Early exposure to water prior to the 8 hours will stop the development of the tan. If your tan appointment is on a rainy day, bring an umbrella.

Will the spray tan stain my clothing?

The cosmetic bronzer may stain your clothing; however, the bronzer is just a surface bronze and will wash out of your clothing and sheets. This excludes materials such as silk or leather.

How long will my tan last?

The average length of the tan will last 5-7 days with proper maintenance such as moisturizing at least twice/day. You can extend the life of your tan to 7-10 days with NORVELL moisturizing products such as the Pro-Long lotion for example. Compatible products with the sunless solution complement the look and life of your tan.

How will my tan fade?

Your tan fades like a natural tan with proper maintenance. Generously apply moisturizer at least twice/day. If you use an exfoliant too early (before 5 days) your tan will become blotchy as you are not allowing the tan to fade properly.

How often should I spray tan?

To keep your tan looking its best and your skin the healthiest, we recommend spraying no more than 3 times in a 2 week period. Average clients spray once/week or every 10 days. This will give the tan time to naturally fade evenly and avoid excessive build up of color in some areas. Touch-ups are also available for face or full body for in between tan sessions.

Will swimming in the pool affect my tan?

Chlorine is a bleach and can prematurely fade your tan. We suggest after swimming in a pool to rinse in a shower and apply moisturizer to help avoid premature fading.

Will my spray tan protect my skin from the sun or UV tanning?

NO! Sunless solutions do not have sunscreen protection. If you damage/burn your skin in the sun you will not be able to spray tan until your skin is repaired.